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Stars, Type, & No Substance! ‘What a Option to Go!’ 1964

Stars, Type, & No Substance! ‘What a Option to Go!’ 1964



Shirley MacLaine stars as Louisa Could Foster, who marries and loses most of her
 5 husbands in 1964’s comedy, “What a Option to Go!”

One of many many ’60s
all-star spectaculars that was heavy on stars and elegance, however mild on strong story
or scintillating dialogue, was 1964’s What
A Option to Go!
Films like this are sometimes enjoyable for star gazing and glamour.
But such movies are sometimes boring and do not age effectively, and right here’s only a few: Let’s Make Love, The V.I.P.s, The Yellow
, and What’s New, Pussycat?

Shirley MacLaine’s widow tells shrink Robert Cummings about EVERY husband
in “What a Option to Go!”

This 20th
Century Fox fluff is a comedic story of a girl who’s on the lookout for real love however
is all the time left widowed—and richer. Cash does not purchase happiness, but it surely brings
70-plus Edith Head costumes, Sydney Guilaroff wigs, Harry Winston jewels, and
fabulous units in What a Option to Go!
The featherweight romp additionally options some numerous husbands: Dick Van Dyke, Paul
Newman, Robert Mitchum, Gene Kelly, & Dean Martin. 

The super-size comedy
was initially meant for celebrity Marilyn Monroe, when Fox determined to take
Marilyn again after One thing’s Received to
. Marilyn actually may have elevated this delicate car together with her
pure comedic charms. Nevertheless it was not meant to be, as Marilyn died quickly after.
Persevering with in the identical daft logic, Fox then provided the position to their
different diva headache, Cleopatra aka Elizabeth
Taylor. The a part of a girl who marries 5 occasions and turns into richer, with
greater wardrobe and greater hair with every marriage… what a stretch! However ET’s world now revolved round Richard Burton.

Cannot think about why Fox provided this film to Elizabeth Taylor! Really,
Robert Cummings performs the shrink in “What a Option to Go!,” not a husband…

The good selection of
Shirley MacLaine as Louisa Could Foster was lastly made. Was MacLaine as a
brunette right here a hangover from the prior alternative of Liz? Regardless, whereas
Shirley presents a mannequin slim determine that was extra in step with the ’60s
than both curvy MM or ET, MacLaine appears at occasions dwarfed by the outlandish
costumes, towering wigs and Christmas tree jewel sparklers.

Naturalistic Shirley MacLaine & ’60s glamour did not appear to go collectively.
Be aware the pancake make-up on her face, then her freckled arm in “What a Option to Go!”
With Robert Mitchum as her tycoon husband.

Whereas MacLaine is a
pure comedic actress, a robust director like Billy Wilder was wanted to maintain
her from going from Shirley to shrilly. There’s quite a lot of screaming Mimi
moments on this broad comedy, however MacLaine additionally will get some laughs. It is
fascinating to see her play the kid Louisa with a wink, with out the ’60s pancake
basis, false eyelashes, stenciled brows, and overdrawn lipstick—although I do detect mascara. 

Shirley MacLaine as little Louisa in an amusing second from “What a Option to Go!” 

Most of Shirley
MacLaine’s co-stars have been previous friends or lovers, so Shirley has a pleasant rapport with
every “husband” in What a Option to
In a nutshell, so as:

Dick Van Dyke is a
very energetic match for Shirley. As Edgar Hopper, Dick is a small-town man
whose hero is Thoreau. However when his love rival mocks his and spouse Louisa’s
low-budget way of life, Hopper hops to, and turns into a giant success as a
businessman. And promptly keels over from overwork!

Dick Van Dyke as Shirley MacLaine’s first husband in “What a Option to Go!”

Paul Newman is subsequent
up, because the artist in Paris, the place Louisa goes to grieve. Paul provides one in all his
extra relaxed comedic performances, in contrast to the leering Rally Around the Flag Boys and A
New Sort of Love
. Amusingly, his character’s title is Larry Flint, however not that Larry Flynt. Paul appears nice with
a beard, because the ravenous artist who’s all the time consuming! Slim and slight Paul
and Shirley are dwarfed by the lavish contraptions and units of their marital
sequence. As Larry’s portray machines lastly create profitable works, Flint
is consumed by the money rolling in. As he and the machines develop into extra frenzied,
they activate their creator.

Shirley MacLaine’s Louisa appears to adapt to every husband’s life.
Right here, she is Paul Newman’s artist spouse in “What a Option to Go!”

Subsequent, widowed once more
Louisa meets Robert Mitchum as a Howard Hughes-type tycoon, Rod Anderson, Jr., at
the airport (bear in mind Hughes as soon as owned an airline). MacLaine’s unfortunate in love
girl figures this newest love is already wealthy, so what can occur? Sarcastically,
their try at dwelling easy down on his farm seems to be a kick within the
head for Rod. Mitchum is laid-back and droll, as all the time.

I by no means miss a Nina Foch film! Kidding! Shirley MacLaine goes platinum for a
scorching minute in “What a Option to Go!” With hubby #3 Robert Mitchum.

Shirley’s perennial
widow meets Pinky Benson at a neighborhood diner. Gene Kelly parodies his Singin’ within the Rain persona right here because the
small city entertainer, who lastly makes it huge. Although criticized by some
people as too previous, Kelly appears superb for 50, is kind of humorous, and dances
fantastically, in fact. Pinky’s destiny is getting fatally mobbed by his followers!

Shirley MacLaine’s Louisa envisions her marriage to Pinky Benson as a Hollywood musical quantity. Gene Kelly, aptly solid as hubby #4 in “What a Option to Go!”

At this level, as soon as
once more widowed Louisa is telling her woes to her shrink, when an previous beau walks
in. As soon as her small city’s richest man, the person is now the constructing’s janitor! Dean
Martin performs comedic jerk Leonard Crawley fairly effectively, and his nonchalant
demeanor is ideal right here. Because the one husband that Louise doesn’t initially
love, the creep seems to be the keeper.

Dean Martin bookends “What a Option to Go!” as first a foiled suitor, then as
Shirley MacLaine’s ultimate husband.

Lastly, there may be Bob
Cummings, his common unctuous self because the smarmy shrink who almost turns into a
husband to Louisa, as effectively.

One shock was Margaret
Dumont, of the Marx Brothers film fame, who’s weird and unfunny as
Shirley’s mom. Plus, Dumont’s dressed like she’s from a visitor shot on The Beverly Hillbillies!

The Edith Head
costumes and the units are supposed to be excessive however generally veer into
superior ugliness. Head cleverly makes use of the garments to additional Louisa’s story, however
I used to be shocked what number of costumes have been visions of monochromatic vivid colours. I
was getting visions of Liz Taylor’s Vincente Minnelli-supervised wardrobe in The Sandpiper. And the Pepto Bismol pink
mansion of Gene Kelly’s Pinky is really abdomen churning.

Husband Pinky Benson decrees that his mansion be painted in his honor, in
“What a Option to Go!” Wafer slim Shirley MacLaine sports activities a contrasting black bikini.

Broadway’s Adolph
Inexperienced and Betty Comden, the couple that wrote this story, additionally gave us Singin’ within the Rain and Auntie Mame. Sadly, their script and wit
appears very broad and sporadic of their final function movie collectively.

There are few zingy
traces and a lot of the film parodies of every marriage are mildly amusing,
besides the Ross Hunter-esque “Lush Budgett” sequence, which is so
one-note that it shortly turns into tedious. The musical quantity with Gene
Kelly is a superb take off on MGM numbers, and nonetheless enjoyable in its personal proper.
Shirley and Dick Van Dyke’s expressive faces and sleek kinds make their
silent film spoof enjoyable. And Paul Newman and Shirley are actually attractive sufficient
of their French “artwork” movie parody, although it’s fairly tame.

Shirley MacLaine & Dick Van Dyke are charming within the silent film fantasy scene that symbolizes their marriage in “What a Option to Go!”

The director J. Lee
Thompson was an odd alternative for comedy as he beforehand helmed The Weapons of Navarone and Cape Worry. He subsequent directed Shirley in
the 1965 bomb John Goldfarb, Please Come
! Written by William Peter Blatty, who rewarded his friendship with
Shirley by modeling her for his heroine in The
, thus creating the city fantasy that MacLaine’s daughter wanted an

Shirley MacLaine’s Louisa in wearable artwork, courtesy of artist husband Paul Newman
 in “What a Option to Go!”

Whereas I hardly laughed
out loud throughout your complete film, What a
Option to Go!
is mostly amusing. Nevertheless it all appears like a pile of frosting—on
a cupcake! Shirley MacLaine didn’t carry one other hit film till The Turning Level over a dozen years
later. Even then, Anne Bancroft was pulling equal weight. Frankly, Shirley
by no means carried a film on her personal throughout MacLaine’s main girl heyday.

There are worse methods
to go than watching What a Option to Go!
Watch the celebs and lavish manufacturing, together with your mind turned off.

Actress Gari Hardy with Paul Newman, in a deleted scene from “What a Option to Go!” Is it my creativeness or is she alleged to resemble Marilyn Monroe? If that’s the case, that appears in unhealthy style as this movie was supposed for Monroe, earlier than she died two years earlier.







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