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How American Quack John R. Brinkley Made Hundreds of thousands

How American Quack John R. Brinkley Made Hundreds of thousands


Within the early 1900s, a “physician” named John Romulus Brinkley turned wealthy and well-known by providing a singular remedy to males who suffered from ED and an array of different maladies: he implanted goat testicles in them.

Now, you would possibly guess that not too many guys can be prepared to go underneath the knife for that, however you would be fallacious. For many years Brinkley was backing up the cash truck to his clinics that operated throughout the nation. Folks desperately needed his therapy to work and for a very long time, had been too embarrassed to confess when it did not.

However the goat ball empire ultimately imploded. Scrutiny from the medical neighborhood and a mountain of malpractice lawsuits left the millionaire discredited and working to Mexico, the place he pioneered a brand new type of scamming at scale through a massively well-liked radio present.

It is all extremely weird, which is why we had been so delighted to study each unusual twist and switch of this man’s life on this episode of Soiled Cash. Our visitor Pope Brock tells us all concerning the loopy dealings, which he wrote about in his terrific guide Charlatan: America’s Most Harmful Huckster, the Man Who Pursued Him, and the Age of Flimflam. Reality is stranger than fiction is a little bit of a cliche, however rattling if it is not acceptable on this case.

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