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The Witcher Season 3 Episode 1 Evaluation: Shaerrawedd

The Witcher Season 3 Episode 1 Evaluation: Shaerrawedd


Whereas the sequence has by no means shied away from progressive storytelling, The Witcher Season 3 Episode 1‘s novelty is within the excruciating element it affords the mundanity of the lives of fugitives, espionage brokers, and monster handlers.

Life on the run by nature cannot be spectacular for the reason that complete level is to keep away from discover. There’s some overlap with the spy sport, as a lot of that’s ready for secrets and techniques to spill. Lastly, monsters are pets, like several creatures, requiring feeding and cleansing. It is not glamorous, even when it may be hazardous work.

As a premiere, it is an especially thorough examination of the place issues sit as we launch into what may very well be the ultimate battle for the Continent’s future.

As long-lived and skilled as he’s, you’d suppose Geralt would know higher than to attempt to evade Future, particularly when touring with Ciri, AKA the Baby of Future, who has traditionally attracted greater than her justifiable share of problematic consideration.

Being extra grunty than eloquent, Geralt’s motivations must be interpreted from his actions — decisive, direct, leaving no alternative for argument — so Yennefer’s voiced-over correspondence gives the narrative throughline to the a number of strikes from hideout to hideout.

Moreover, using the letters speaks to the injury their relationship suffered after the encounter with Voleth Meir on The Witcher Season 2.

Regardless of Yennefer’s last-minute determination to not sacrifice Ciri in alternate for her Chaos, Geralt’s belief in her has been shattered.

Throw within the djinn’s affect that also binds the 2 collectively however which can ceaselessly go away them questioning as to its authenticity, and you’ve got a relationship that may by no means not be difficult.

Yarpen: Maintain on. Maintain on! Are you two fuckin’ once more?
Geralt: Delicate, Yarpen.

In the meantime, Ciri’s magical coaching is arduous for each pupil and instructor. Yennefer discovers, as many do, that educating a factor may be very totally different than doing a factor.

She has nice potential however little expertise.


Yennefer’s expertise was all the time obvious, however she all the time wanted it rising up, residing as she did in squalor and abuse. With out her magic, she’d have died a sufferer of worry and hatred.

Conversely, Cirilla of Cintra inherited immense powers however by no means wanted to faucet into them, as her life as a princess wasn’t one the place survival was a query till it was, in fact.

The Battle of Cintra triggered her skills a lot as Calanthe’s try and kill Duny triggered her mom’s. Neither noblewoman had any thought of the depth of their skills.

Yennefer: Water magic is difficult.
Ciri: That’s what you stated about earth magic and air magic.
Yennefer: Nicely, you might have energy like nothing I’ve seen. Makes it arduous for each of us.

Watching Yennefer work with Ciri, it is arduous to not examine it to Ciri coaching with Geralt at Kaer Morhen on The Witcher Season 2 Episode 2.

The distinction lies in how Geralt’s classes on combating monsters have tangible outcomes and visual objectives. Even when she failed a job, she may see enchancment over her earlier makes an attempt. All Ciri sees when attempting to make use of magic are her failures.

It is not till they’ve selected baiting a lure for Rience they usually make camp at Shaerrawedd that Ciri realizes her true path.

In any case their operating and hiding, it is a reduction to deal immediately with a number of confounding components.

Understanding an much more highly effective rogue mage controls Rience is a terrifying reveal. In a chilling parallel, a lot as Veldhoek is kind of mad to strive caging a jackapace, any mage keen to make use of Rience as a device is (fairly actually) enjoying with hearth.

Ciri: Nenneke stated I’ve the ability to vary the cycle of hatred. And I wish to. To be the stability between kings and mages, and to align the Continent, as an alternative of regularly pitting components towards one another. As a result of I’m sick and bored with destruction and loss.
Geralt: I don’t doubt you, Ciri. I do doubt the world although.

Ciri’s perception that she will unite people and elves is so optimistic it is heartbreaking.

However simply as she argues that Aelirenn may not have failed if the elder elves had supported her, Ciri can solely succeed with the help of Yennefer and Geralt (and doubtlessly others.)

Neither mage nor witcher has the hope Ciri has in humanity or elfdom. Each have seen sufficient battle and cruelty to acknowledge that solely a being of immense energy — who’s accountable for that energy — will be capable to deliver the factions in line.

And like educating is totally different than doing, getting people into line is totally different than retaining them in line.

With Dijkstra and Philippa — and now, Radovid — leaning on Jaskier behind the scenes, good cash says the brokers within the shadows will probably be a major issue through which approach the wind blows when the curtain falls.

What I discover actually fascinating is that the Redanian contingent nonetheless sees Ciri as only a political marriage pawn. It is like seeking to undertake a pet iguana and bringing residence a fire-breathing dragon.

Or, moderately, like utilizing a rogue hearth mage to amass a novice witcher with Elder Blood. Significantly, what does Vizimir suppose marrying Ciri will probably be like?

Dijkstra: Now, as for Prince Seed-waste. Boulder, Parchment, Dagger?
Philippa: Completely not.
Dijkstra: I used to be the one who seduced the Lyrian baroness final month, and the one secret she was hiding was syphilis.
Philippa: And that’s worse than the week I spent perched over a shit-filled moat in Temeria whereas they debated timber costs?
Dijkstra: Truthful.

In the meantime, surprisingly, the spymaster and his finest spy are nearly extra comedic than Jaskier.

The keen-eared viewer can have seen that Radovid mentions The Track of the Seven when he first meets Jaskier, inserting this journey someday after the occasions the bard skilled on The Witcher: Blood Origin.

I believe Radovid has Dijkstra and Philippa fooled. He comes throughout as an ordinary Redanian frat boy/youthful prince, however he is demonstrated a hanging skill to appeal and coerce.

Radovid: You might be our royal bard.
Jaskier: [laughs] Uh, no. No, a staid life at court docket isn’t for me.
Radovid: In case your time at court docket’s been staid, you’ve been doing it incorrect.

Jaskier’s life is seeking to get much more entangled and dangerous. Pretty much as good-intentioned as he’s, he is made his mattress with ruthless companions.

Talking of fine intentions and calling again to Ciri’s utopian imaginative and prescient of the Continent, what is going to Francesca’s future maintain?

With Gage useless and Gallitan off to seek out an “previous buddy,” she solely has Filavandrel left at her again, and he has practically misplaced hope.

Elves and mages, spies and bards. Elder blood and prophecies.

By any measure, it is a weighty premiere. Whereas we get our correct dose of swordplay and blood splatter — and I am going to admit watching Geralt break Rience’s fingers was enormously satisfying — each interplay is fraught with layered which means, each relationship teeters on the sting of belief, and each battle is waged on a number of fronts.

Yennefer: Simply say this isn’t goodbye for good. That there are extra good nights to come back. That you’ll in no matter kind consider me.
Geralt: That’s my promise to you.

Lurking in our unconscious is the information that Henry Cavill’s time as Geralt is coming to an finish.

Might Yennefer’s farewell speech foreshadow how they’re going to deal with the transition to Liam Hemsworth embodiment of the White Wolf?

You actually wanna disguise, you’d dye that mop. Nobody’s lookin’ for the Black fuckin’ Wolf.


Will the brand new Geralt take Yarpen’s recommendation? We’ll discover out subsequent season!

The closing scenes trace at what we’ll see subsequent.

Aretuza, Yennefer and Ciri’s vacation spot, seems to be to be as a lot a den of deception and hazard as ever. Whether or not Rience’s inclusion (juxtaposed with a shot of Stregabor, no much less) means that he’s additionally at Aretuza, solely time will inform. It does really feel like a waste of all these goodbye scenes, although, if Geralt and Yennefer’s paths dovetail once more that rapidly.

The ultimate shot brings us again to Cintra and the White Flame, final seen on The Witcher Season 2 Episode 8. That Emhyr saves solely Ciri’s child portrait, committing all others to the flames, indicators yet one more individual obsessed along with her. After all, all the opposite photos have been of useless individuals, or himself, presumed useless all these years in the past.

Contemplating the lengths he is gone to to be reunited along with her — launching an invasion of the North, allying with the elves however murdering their baby –, one has to marvel what his subsequent strikes will entail.

Will Philippa and Radovid handle to take Rience out? And the way will they handle his handler?

The place is Fringilla? And Cahir? Who will rise subsequent from the ashes to rain terror down upon people and elves alike?

Can Jaskier handle his many allegiances?

Hit our feedback under along with your ideas and theories!

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