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The Empty Phrases of a Hole Man

The Empty Phrases of a Hole Man


Ali Imsirovic

Ali Imsirovic posted a 28-minute YouTube video admitting to multi-accounting in on-line tournaments, however denying all different dishonest accusations. [Image: PokerGO.com]

Woefully insufficient

A mea culpa. An unqualified apology. An acknowledgment of wrong-doing. Actual regret. A dedication to pay again the cash stolen. A promise to by no means do it once more. Unrepentant poker swindler Ali Imsirovic supplied none of this stuff final night time in a 28-minute-long YouTube video that was as insincere because it was nauseatingly boring.

had the temerity to recommend that it’s he who’s the injured social gathering

Sitting in his trophy room in a home paid for with ill-gotten good points, the self-confessed con man paltered and prevaricated, whinged and whined, portray himself because the sufferer of scurrilous accusations. The cheater requested the viewer to take his phrase, the phrase of a cheater, that he didn’t at all times cheat in the way in which that it’s alleged. He really had the temerity to recommend that it’s he who’s the injured social gathering, his status without end maligned for less than generally breaking the principles.

For sure, this “setting the document straight” video went down like a lead balloon because the poker group spoke up in unison to castigate the deceitful scammer. Imsirovic’s assertion was not simply woefully insufficient, however it bordered on parody, straight out of the Invoice Clinton “I didn’t have sexual relations with that lady” or Donald Trump “locker room discuss” playbook.

In the event you can’t beat ‘em, be a part of ‘em

The video started with Imsirovic admitting that in the course of the COVID-19 lockdown interval of 2020, he made “a extremely dangerous mistake and commenced multi-accounting MTTs.” He mentioned that he cheated for a interval of “4 to 5 months” earlier than having a very real ethical epiphany which simply so occurred to coincide with being banned by GGPoker and having $320,000 confiscated.

It’s noteworthy, nonetheless, that by his personal admission, Imsirovic initially fought the ban, so I assume it was after these efforts have been ignored that his ethical compass kicked into gear. It was then, and solely then, that he took inventory and thought: “….that is my punishment for what I did, and I deserve it.”

alleged that there was “numerous shady shit taking place in these video games”

Later within the video, Imsirovic confessed to multi-accounting once more on six events in 2022, however not earlier than claiming that different gamers, together with a few of his accusers, don’t “have their home so as.” With the obvious rationale of “should you can’t beat ‘em, be a part of ‘em,” he alleged that there was “numerous shady shit taking place in these video games. I knew there have been individuals card sharing and multi-ing, working as groups.”

Imsirovic defends himself

In between these two acknowledgments of wrong-doing, Imsirovic went on the offensive in opposition to his accusers. He referred to the declare that he runs a large on-line poker dishonest operation as “fully f*g ridiculous,” the allegations of him chip dumping to horses as “such an outrageous declare,” the accusations about RTA use as “mind-boggling,” and Alex Foxen’s posts calling for his blacklisting as a “Twitter mood tantrum.”

By means of defending himself in opposition to the accusation of Paul Phua’s playing cards, Imsirovic waxed lyrically about live-tell etiquette, claiming he was not rubbernecking playing cards however somewhat looking at his opponent’s palms so he may act sooner when it was his flip. By means of defending himself in opposition to accusations of ghosting his horses, he pointed to how he was taking part in reside on a few events when gamers he staked have been successful on-line tournaments. By means of defending himself in opposition to the accusations of real-time assistant use, he did some whataboutism on the widespread use of pre-solved Monker ranges earlier than going into excruciating element on why a chip EV RTA would have restricted utility in the course of the numerous levels of tournaments.

There have been different weak defenses supplied, like how suboptimally he performed in a heads-up match versus Doug Polk, how he doesn’t have horses with fellow accused cheater Jake Schindler, how ghosting wouldn’t be price his priceless time and the way chip-dumping would have damaging EV penalties in numerous hypothetical examples.

Pewter tat

In abstract, the feelings expressed within the video rang hole – the “poor me” moans of an impenitent grifter who acquired caught, the deluded sense of entitlement of a duplicitous huckster who thinks that he can, in his personal phrases, “erase the previous… and that notion of me.” Nicely, he can’t. What’s completed can not he undone. He’s a pariah and this video confirms that.

it’s too dangerous if he doesn’t like what he sees

At one level, he says that he went again to multi-accounting for a few months till a good friend informed him to not turn into the person who the group was portray him as. On this matter, the group isn’t holding a paintbrush. They’ve a mirror and it’s too dangerous if he doesn’t like what he sees.

Imsirovic wrapped up the video by explaining that the dishonest allegations have been onerous on his household, insisting that: “I’ve paid all of my dues and wish to transfer previous this.” If being associated to an unprincipled fraudster has introduced disgrace upon them, then that’s the cross he should bear and a 28-minute diatribe isn’t going to vary that. Empty phrases spoken by a hole man surrounded by pewter tat, for that’s all that trophies are while you cheated to win them.



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