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Rise Of Skywalker To Have A Stormtrooper Revolt

Rise Of Skywalker To Have A Stormtrooper Revolt


Boyega’s had many criticisms of the sequel trilogy through the years, most of them centered on Disney’s obvious incapability to take care of any of its non-white characters. “What I might say to Disney is don’t convey out a Black character, market them to be rather more essential within the franchise than they’re after which have them pushed to the aspect. It isn’t good. I will say it straight up,” he informed GQ in 2020. “You guys knew what to do with Daisy Ridley, you knew what to do with Adam Driver … However when it got here to Kelly Marie Tran, when it got here to John Boyega, you recognize f** all.”

It is onerous to argue in any other case. Rey and Kylo’s storylines nonetheless felt considerably coherent, even when they have been just a little poorly dealt with. Their character arcs of their second film felt like a pure continuation of their first, and their arcs within the third film (Palpatine not-withstanding) largely felt like a continuation of what they went via within the second. 

However with Poe, Finn, and Rose, it appears clear that the creators have been simply winging it from film to film. Kelly Marie Tran suffered essentially the most, being unceremoniously dropped from the plot of “Rise of Skywalker” and having her storyline in “The Final Jedi” rendered irrelevant to the trilogy as an entire. Disney’s determination to not plan the trilogy out beforehand has had loads of devastating penalties, but it surely looks as if their minority characters bore the brunt of them. 



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