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Malvolio Monologue (Act 2, Scene 5)

Malvolio Monologue (Act 2, Scene 5)


At present we’re going to try Malvolio’s letter monologue from Act 2, Scene 5 of Twelfth Evening by William Shakespeare. On this monologue we’ll discover dramatic irony, comedy, character and, in an enormous method, textual content textual content textual content. This monologue is all about endurance. It’s a lengthy piece of textual content that poses a real problem for the actor. There are ups, downs, rounds and abouts and it requires some severe ability to tug it off nicely, however with the correct understanding, we reckon anybody can method this beast of a bit. Let’s have a look.


Malvolio is head-servant to Olivia, a noble-woman who lives in Illyria alongside various different vibrant characters. Notably on this occasion Maria, one other of Olivia’s servants, Fabian, one other servant, Sir Toby Belch, one other ‘noble’-man in Illyria and Sir Andrew Aguecheek his greatest pal and throughout buffoon. All through the play Malvolio has been a thorn of their sides and so these 4 determine to hatch a plan to get their revenge and humiliate him. Understanding that Malvolio is secretly in love with Olivia, they forge a letter in her handwriting professing her ‘love’ for him and depart it for him to seek out. They disguise and await him to seek out it. When he occurs upon the letter that is what he says…

Unique Textual content

[Sees letter.]

What employment have we right here?

Now could be the woodcock close to the gin.
O peace, and the spirit of humours intimate
studying aloud to him.

By my life, that is my woman’s hand. These be her very c’s, her u’s and her t’s, and thus makes she her nice P’s. It’s in contempt of query her hand.

Her c’s, her u’s and her t’s. Why that?


To the unknown beloved, this, and my good needs. Her very phrases! By your depart, wax. Tender – and the impressure her Lucrece, with which she makes use of to seal. ’Tis my woman. To whom ought to this be? [Opens letter. ]

This wins him, liver and all.


Jove is aware of I like,
However who?
Lips, don’t transfer,
No man should know.
‘No man should know.’ What follows? The numbers altered. ‘No man should know.’ If this needs to be thee, Malvolio?

Marry, hold thee, brock!

I’ll command the place I like,
However silence, like a Lucrece knife,
With cold stroke my coronary heart doth gore.
M.O.A.I. doth sway my life.

A fustian riddle.
Glorious wench, say I.

M.O.A.I. doth sway my life. Nay, however first let me see, let me see, let me see.

What dish o’poison has she dressed him!
And with what wing the staniel checks at it!

I’ll command the place I like. Why,
she could command me. I serve her, she is my woman.
Why, that is evident to any formal capability. There’s
no obstruction on this. And the top – what ought to
that alphabetical place portend? If I may make
that resemble one thing in me! Softly – [reading]

O ay , make up that! He’s now at a chilly scent.
Sowter will cry upon’t for all this, although or not it’s as
rank as a fox.

‘M.’ Malvolio. ‘M’ – why, that begins my identify!

Didn’t I say he would work it out? The cur is great at faults.

‘M.’ However then there isn’t a consonancy within the sequel. That suffers below probation: ‘A’ ought to observe, however ‘O’ does.

And ‘O’ shall finish, I hope.
Ay, or I’ll cudgel him and make him cry ‘O!’

After which ‘I’ comes behind.

Ay , an you had any eye behind you, you would possibly
see extra detraction at your heels than fortunes earlier than

M.O.A.I. This simulation is just not as the previous. And but to crush this slightly it might bow to me, for each considered one of these letters are in my identify. Tender, right here follows prose.


If this fall into thy hand, revolve. In my stars I’m above thee, however be not afraid of greatness. Some are
born nice, some obtain greatness and a few have greatness thrust upon them . Thy fates open their fingers: let thy bloodand spirit embrace them, and, to inure thyself to what thou artwork prefer to be, forged thy humble slough and seem
contemporary. Be reverse with a kinsman, surly with servants. Let thy tongue tang arguments of state; put thyself into the trick of singularity . She thus advises thee that sighs for thee. Keep in mind who counseled thy yellow stockings and
wished to see thee ever cross-gartered – I say bear in mind. Goto, thou artwork made if thou desir’st to be so; if not, let me see thee a steward nonetheless, the man of servants and never worthy to the touch Fortune’s fingers. Farewell. She that may alterservices with thee, The Lucky Sad.

Daylight and champaign discovers no more. That is open. I can be proud, I’ll learn politic authors, I’ll baffle Sir Toby, I’ll wash off gross acquaintance, I can be point-device the very man. I don’t now idiot myself to let creativeness jade me; for each motive excites to this, that my woman loves me. She did commend my yellow stockings of late, she did reward my leg being cross-gartered, and on this she manifests herself to my love and with a sort of injunction drives me to those habits of her liking. I thank my stars, I’m glad. I can be unusual, stout, in yellow stockings and cross-gartered even with the swiftness of placing on. Jove and my stars be praised! Right here is but a postscript.

Thou canst not select however know who I’m. If thou entertain’st my love, let it seem in thy smiling – thy smiles
develop into thee nicely. Subsequently in my presence nonetheless smile, expensive, my candy, I prithee.

Jove, I thank thee. I’ll smile, I’ll do all the pieces that thou wilt have me.


Unfamiliar Language

Employment: Work, motion
Wax: Wax seal used to seal a letter
Tender: Wait a minute, maintain on
Gore: Bleed
Sway: Guides, strikes, instructions
Portend: Imply
Revolve: Contemplate
Slough: Public persona
LevelGadget: Exactly, precisely, completely
Jove: God

Fashionable Translation


What do now we have right here?
I swear on my life that is Olivia’s handwriting.
These are her C’s, her U’s, and her T’s and right here she’s written considered one of her wonderful P’s.
It’s certainly her handwriting.
‘To my beloved who doesn’t know of my love, this and my greatest needs.’
These are issues she says typically! Excuse me for breaking your wax seal. However wait! That is her seal! That is positively a letter from Olivia however who’s it for?

“God is aware of I like.
However who?
I can not say it.
Nobody can know.”
‘Nobody can know’?
However wait, the poetry has modified rhythm.
‘Nobody can know’
What if she’s speaking about me?

“I’ll commande the individual I like,
However silence like a pointy knife,
Lower’s my coronary heart open and leaves a cold wound,
M.O.A.I guidelines my life”

‘M.O.A.I guidelines my life’, No, however first, let’s see, let’s see, let’s see.

‘I’ll command the one I like’, she could command me, I’m her servant. That’s straightforward to determine for anybody. There’s little question about that. However what do these letters on the finish imply? If solely I may work out a solution to match them to me. Wait! M.O.A.I!

M. However then the following letter is fallacious. It needs to be ‘A’ first nevertheless it goes to ‘O’.

After which ‘I’ comes on the finish.

M.O.A.I. The key of this isn’t like the opposite one however at a stretch, I could make it work, as a result of all of these letters are in my identify. Wait a minute there’s extra prose.

“If this could make its solution to you, give it some thought nicely. By my start I’m of a better class than you, however don’t be afraid of greatness. Some are born nice, some obtain greatness and a few have greatness thrust upon them. Your destiny is welcoming you with open arms. Let your physique and spirit settle for it. And to organize your self for the excessive life, forged off your servant’s look and seem new and contemporary. Be impolite to buddies and imply to servants. Converse loudly and sometimes about politics and make a behavior of being distinctive and bizarre. The girl who sighs out of affection for you says you must do that. Keep in mind who it was that complimented your yellow stocking and requested you to at all times be cross gartered. Keep in mind her, I say. Go now. You are actually a gentleman do you have to select to be, and if not, keep a servant, and a pal of different servants and unworthy of greatness. Farewell, signed: the one who can be your servant. The lucky however unhappy.”

The solar in an open area couldn’t be clearer than this. That is simple. I can be proud, I’ll research politics, I’ll get again at Sir Toby, I’ll forged off my lowly buddies, and I’ll be the proper man! I do know for sure now that I can’t be making this up. My woman Olivia is in love with me! She praised my yellow stockings quite a bit these days, and she or he complimented me being cross-gartered and in doing so has confirmed her love for me. I thank my fortunate stars. I’m glad! I can be proud, yellow stocking carrying and cross gartered as quickly as I can. God and the celebs be praised! Wait, there’s a postscript.

“You certainly should know who I’m. In the event you love me too, let it present in your smile, you’ve got such a stunning smile. So once you see me, smile my candy, I encourage you.”

Thanks God! I’ll smile! I’ll do something she asks!

Notes on Efficiency

So the very first thing to bear in mind is character. Malvolio is characterised by his innate incapacity to take a joke. The extra significantly the actor takes this scene, the funnier it turns into to the viewers. So don’t play for laughs. Play off the truth that the chilly hearted Malvolio thinks somebody is perhaps in love with him.

Secondly, and this can come as a no brainer to some, however attempt to not simply really learn the letter. Be taught all the textual content. Sure you ought to be enjoying it as you’re studying it for the primary time however you also needs to know the textual content within the letter such as you’d know some other monologue. When you’ve mastered the textual content, you possibly can manipulate it.

Lastly, you must work to physicalise this piece. It’s not essentially the most fascinating piece on this planet if we’re simply sitting and watching somebody learn a letter. Use your physique to inform the story in addition to your phrases.

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