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Every thing The Simpsons Predicted Appropriately… So Far

Every thing The Simpsons Predicted Appropriately… So Far


The episode aired greater than 15 years earlier than Trump introduced his 2016 candidacy, however was commenting on a extra present occasion. Trump introduced the creation of a presidential exploratory committee throughout a Larry King Dwell interview on Oct. 7, 1999. A extra subliminal prediction that the electoral faculty would choo-choo-choose a Trump-like candidate got here in “E Pluribus Wiggum, the tenth episode of season 19, aired on Jan. 6, 2008 The Republicans fall for a Homer gag, and see Ralph Wiggum because the sort of elastic darkish horse who be shaped right into a profitable ticket. This child can inform a cat’s breath from cat meals, and says he needs to make this nation nice once more.

Kamala Harris’s Outfit 

Predicted March 2000

When Lisa Simpson turns into president in “Bart to the Future,” she wears a chief govt officer’s purple swimsuit with a necklace. The design may be very near one of many picturesque fits chosen by Kamala Harris, simply days after being elected first girl Vice President.

Pot Legalized in America and Canada 

Predicted in 2000 and 2005

In “Bart to the Future,” President Lisa Simpsons legalizes pot on the behest of the long run Bart. This has grow to be more and more true throughout the nation. In “Midnight Rx,” the sixth episode of the sixteenth season, Homer and Grandpa, together with Ned Flanders and Apu, journey to Canada for reasonably priced medicine. They uncover pot is authorized, nevertheless it wasn’t but when the episode first aired. Marijuana was not legalized in Canada till 2018.

Tom Hanks Shoots a PSA for the USA 

Predicted in 2007

Reliable, accredited actor Tom Hanks makes a cameo look in The Simpsons Film (2007), voicing a industrial for America, saying “The U.S. authorities misplaced its credibility, so it’s borrowing a few of mine.” He then reveals a really unimpressive various landmark for the Grand Canyon. Hanks hawked America’s willpower in 2022, a yr after Joe Biden’s election, in a industrial about overcoming the hardships of the COVID-19 pandemic, and explaining that the financial system was being rebuilt.

NSA Spying on American Residents 

Predicted in 2007

Within the 2007 function movie, The Simpsons Film, the Simpson household makes a break from their domed existence, is on the run, and ever-vigilant. Lisa’s concern with new types of technological surveillance seems to frame on sleep-deprived paranoia. “It’s not like the federal government is listening to all people’s dialog,” Marge assures her, because the body expands to point out the NSA listening to the dialog, and increasing additional to point out eavesdroppers on everybody’s line.

Former CIA worker Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the NSA’s surveillance entry in 2013, dropping categorised info on simply how widespread it’s in actuality. You didn’t learn that right here.

2016 Nobel Prize 

Predicted in 2010

Season 22 episode 1 “Elementary Faculty Musical,” includes a facet gag the place Martin, Lisa, Database, and Milhouse wager on potential Nobel Prize winners, or as Homer calls them “Nobies.” Milhouse picks one who’s even an even bigger longshot than Krusty the Clown: MIT Professor Bengt R. Holmström, who loses to Jagdish Bhagwati within the episode.

Milhouse’s notable selection turned one of many Nobies six years later when Holmström received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2016.

USA Wins the Curling Olympic Prize 

Predicted in 2010

Homer and Marge have been made for curling. The game combines the throw of bowling, which thrills Homer, and the artwork of sweeping, one thing Marge excels at. However, once they lead the American staff from the Vancouver Olympics to Olympic victory, it’s nonetheless a shock that they will beat Sweden.  

Eight years after “Boy Meets Curl” ran as episode season 21, episode 12, America scored its first curling win, beating odds-on favourite Sweden on the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Woman Gaga’s 2017 Superbowl Present 

Predicted in 2012

In season 23 episode 22 “Lisa Goes Gaga,” Woman Gaga makes an emergency cease at Springfield due to one misunderstood monster, and winds up including a cease to that leg of her tour. Throughout the live performance, Woman Gaga flies over the viewers, and the present features a solo piano efficiency.

When Woman Gaga tackled all her greatest hits on the Halftime Present of 2017’s Superbowl LI, she was lifted above the viewers, and sang “Million Causes,” accompanying herself solo on the piano.

FIFA Corruption Arrests

Predicted on Could 26, 2015

In season 25 episode 16, “You Don’t Must Dwell Like a Referee,” Homer is picked to referee the World Cup in Brazil after Lisa offers a viral speech on the game. When a FIFA-hired gangster tries to bribe Homer, he turns him down each as a result of he doesn’t need to lose his daughter’s respect, and actually has no real interest in soccer.

A yr after the episode aired, FIFA officers have been arrested in Zurich on federal corruption fees, together with cash laundering, wire fraud, and racketeering.

Promoting Ferrets as Toy Poodles 

Predicted on Could 22, 2002

In season 13 episode 22, “Papa’s Obtained a Model New Badge,” Springfield’s native mafia boss Fats Tony (Joe Mantegna) glues cotton balls onto ferrets, and pulls in a giant revenue promoting them as toy poodles. In 2013, a retired Argentine man plunked down a small fortune for a pair of toy poodles at an out of doors market in Buenos Aires. Additional veterinary inspection discovered the cuddly pet was a ferret which had been groomed and given steroids to appear like a toy poodle.

Matrix Christmas Film 

Predicted in 2004

In the beginning of season 15 episode 14, “The Ziff Who Got here to Dinner,” Homer is standing in a movie show line below a poster of twentieth Century Fox saying “’A Matrix Christmas’ Coming Quickly.” We plainly see Keanu Reeves’ Neo carrying a Santa hat.

The franchise that began with The Matrix in 1999 had launched their third installment, Matrix Revolutions in 2003, so this seasonal cheer was a promise for the long run. The Matrix Resurrections, as even its title vaguely hints, was launched for Christmas, hitting theaters on Dec. 22, 2021.

Defective Voting Machines 

Predicted in 2008

One of many scariest gags of season 20’s “Treehouse of Horror XIX,” is the high-tech diverted vote prediction. The sequence reveals Homer casting his vote for Barack Obama within the common election, and a defective tech-savvy tallying machine repeatedly ringing it up on the John McCain column.

4 years later, through the 2012 election, a voting machine in Pennsylvania needed to be faraway from the situation as a result of it saved altering votes meant for Obama to his rival Mitt Romney. Although the names had been modified, the incident was so correct that individuals started to take the concept of The Simpsons as a political forecaster a little bit extra severely, changing into a mandate for most of the people.

Greece Chapter

Predicted in 2012

When Homer seems as a visitor on native cable information program in season 23 episode 10 “Politically Inept,” a bulletin operating on the backside of the scroll reveals the information alert: “Europe places Greece on eBay.” It’s a brief sight gag, and by no means referenced once more, very similar to the nation concerned in the actual occasion which adopted it could have most popular.

Greece was zero for 3 on bail-out loans from the Worldwide Financial Fund in 2015, resulting in a inventory tumble, and was practically dumped on a going-out-business-sale by the Eurozone. Fortunately, on the final minute, Greece had an financial collapse, did not pay again the mortgage, and proved The Simpsons proper.

Sport of Thrones Ending 

Predicted in 2017

In season 29’s opener, “The Serfsons,” The Simpsons spoiler-alerted HBO’s Sport of Thrones ending by two years, placing a whoopie cushion on the Iron Throne in full collusion with visitor star and identified Lannister, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau. In a single sequence Homer revives a dragon, which lays waste to a complete village in a fiery aerial shot.

Within the penultimate episode of Sport of Thrones, run on Could 12, 2019, Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) rides her dragon like a flying flamethrower to incinerate King’s Touchdown. The village had already surrendered, the troopers threw down their weapons, and 1000’s of harmless individuals went up in flames. In fact, contemplating how slowly the writing was reportedly going for George R.R. Martin on the time, the collection could very effectively have borrowed the closing from The Simpsons.

Underwater Submersible Emergency 

Predicted in 2006

In season 17 episode 10 “Homer’s Paternity Coot,” Homer hears the lilting voice of Michael York’s Mason Fairbanks, and finds a father determine. The long-lost paternal chance comes with the load of a sunken treasure chest ready to be lifted. The pair squeeze into particular person submersibles to salvage an historic Spanish Galleon ship named “Piso Mojado.” Upon reaching the shipwreck, Homer’s will get caught, and he runs out of oxygen. He wakes up in a hospital after a three-day coma, a much better final result than probably the most just lately fulfilled prediction.

In June 2023, an OceanGate submersible carrying 5 passengers disappeared whereas surveying the ruins of the Titanic on the backside of the Atlantic Ocean. The vessel imploded, and there have been no survivors. Simpsons author and producer Mike Reiss coincidentally additionally rented the sub to discover the Titanic wreck.



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