Home Humor Cops Affirm Mass Shooter’s Motivation Sounds Fairly Compelling

Cops Affirm Mass Shooter’s Motivation Sounds Fairly Compelling

Cops Affirm Mass Shooter’s Motivation Sounds Fairly Compelling


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LAPOINTE, DE—Talking at a press convention to a group searching for solutions hours after a brutal slaughter at an area mall left 4 folks lifeless and 6 wounded, members of the LaPointe Police Division confirmed Friday that the mass shooter’s motivation sounded fairly compelling. “Now we have, as a rustic, suffered too many mindless killings—however this isn’t a kind of, as a result of the man’s manifesto really makes loads of sense,” mentioned LaPointe Police Chief Charles Burgess, including that the alleged mass shooter appeared to have spent an excessive amount of time on far-right web boards and had pieced collectively a worldview that cohered surprisingly nicely. “We weren’t positive why he gunned down these folks till we went to his home and uncovered proof that he’d deliberate this for a very long time—deliberate it fairly nicely, actually, and in the end he settled on a spot the place loads of immigrants go, so it’s important to give him some kudos for not letting his urge to kill cloud his judgment, logistics-wise. There’s no excuse for taking the lives of different human beings, however he actually does have a reasonably good excuse.” Police officers added that it was good to see somebody articulate so nicely what they’d been attempting to precise themselves for a very long time.



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