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Answering The Mayhem’s ‘MAYHEM!’ Questions

Answering The Mayhem’s ‘MAYHEM!’ Questions


Approach again within the outdated Mindset days, I wrote one in all my favourite items ever, answering Ernie’s questions he posed within the music ‘I Marvel’. Since then I’ve been looking out for extra Muppet songs which ask the laborious questions, or a minimum of ones that I can Google and declare I knew the reply all alongside.

Then, in Could, The Electrical Mayhem launched their debut album, which incorporates the music ‘MAYHEM!’. Whereas the lyrics aren’t within the present, the instrumental performs over the tip credit, and even opens our Backstage Cross podcast! For those who haven’t heard the phrases, you’re lacking out, as a result of this music might be among the finest on your entire album. Fortunate for you although, you possibly can hearken to it right here;

Fairly the bop, no?

The music’s first verse asks some nice questions and so I assumed I’d take a second to Google the solutions in order that Dr Tooth, Floyd and Janice needn’t marvel anymore. The second verse is extra used for a pun concerning the phrases ‘heard/herd’ and one thing a couple of jumbo shrimp so we’re not worrying about these. Let’s get began, lets?

How are clouds made out of water, but cling within the sky?

I’m so glad you requested, Dr Tooth! For this we should know that clouds are created from water vapor, after the solar creates heat air by heating and evaporating the water on Earth’s floor. The nice and cozy are is much less dense than the chilly air above it, so it rises up and regularly cools. Now cool, it can’t maintain as a lot moisture and has to condense right into a liquid, which is the beginnings of a cloud. The explanation it stays within the air although, or ‘hangs within the sky’, is due to the scale of the water droplets. Some might solely be as small as half the scale of a human hair, so it will possibly float for a very long time. There may be additionally a relentless circulation of heat air rising to fulfill it, that means it’s being pushed up and saved within the air! After all, typically the water droplets collide and stick collectively, that means they change into too heavy for the cloud and fall to the Earth. And when this occurs my laundry will get moist as a result of I forgot to examine the climate report once more.

Why does daylight really feel a lot hotter if you look it within the eye?

Goodness is aware of all of us admire the shade on a sizzling summer time’s day, however Janice needs to know why it’s a lot hotter when the solar is straight in our eyeline! For this we have now to imagine she means when the solar is out and there’s no escaping it, as trying straight in to the solar is dangerous and may clarify why Janice’s eyes are at all times closed. However to reply your query, Janice, we first be taught that every one of human our bodies are product of molecules (and largely water ones at that), and the warmth from the solar is definitely infared radiation. This radiation, nearly like a microwave, makes the water molecules vibrate which heats you up such as you’re an enormous mug of soup. We even have delicate nerve endings on our physique which react to direct daylight. Which will trigger sunburns and so forth, whereas the radiation may cause issues like sunstroke and dehydration. Put on sunscreen, of us! (Be aware: many individuals had completely different solutions for this query, so if that is in any respect scientifically inaccurate, it’s a Muppet web site, don’t come right here to be taught precise classes)

How do flowers come from the seeds then are utilized by honey bees?

Properly, this can be a two half query, Floyd, so let’s deal with the seed one first! Seeds are planted in pots or in backyard beds, and if the circumstances are appropriate, it breaks open. Roots inside develop down and set the plant in place, additionally absorbing water and vitamins to assist the flower develop. The stem begins to shoot upwards, carrying with it the vitamins from the roots, additionally being robust sufficient to assist leaves which will likely be vital in the case of photosynthesis (I’ll let Grover clarify extra about crops right here).

Now, let’s take a look at why honey bees use crops! Flowers are a terrific supply of nectar and pollen, which is meals for child bees! They gather it and take it again to their hive or they assist pollunate different flowers which creates extra seeds, and your entire factor is began up once more. It additionally means we get honey, and that’s the best present of all.

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