Home Movie 1 Canon Sith Lord Has A Power Lightning Energy That Palpatine Might Solely Dream Of

1 Canon Sith Lord Has A Power Lightning Energy That Palpatine Might Solely Dream Of

1 Canon Sith Lord Has A Power Lightning Energy That Palpatine Might Solely Dream Of



  • Darth Siberus, an historical Sith Lord, had a novel Power lightning energy that allowed her to empty the life-essence of others, an influence not even possessed by Palpatine.
  • The Hand of Siberus, an historical Sith weapon that may emit lightning bolts, confirms the existence of Darth Siberus and showcases the ability of her distinctive Power lightning potential.
  • Darth Siberus doubtless had the strongest and most refined model of Sith lightning.

Darth Sidious was the final word Sith, but one canon Star Wars Sith Lord had a Power lightning energy that Palpatine by no means achieved. Star Wars’ Power lighting energy was launched in Return of the Jedi, when the mysterious Emperor shot lightning bolts from his fingertips towards Luke Skywalker. The concept was for the Emperor, who didn’t carry a lightsaber within the movie, to have a special combating model in comparison with Darth Vader. Since then, a number of Star Wars characters have used Power Lightning, not simply within the films however in animated reveals, comics, novels, and video video games.

Extra lately, Rey used Power lighting in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This was meant to indicate how just like Darth Sidious she may change into, as Power lightning is often related to Palpatine. Nonetheless, as iconic as moments like Palpatine’s “limitless energy” scene are, Sidious’ Power lightning talents aren’t Star Wars’ strongest.

Darth Siberus Knew How To Use A Distinctive Power Lightning Energy

Palpatine's Force lightning and the Hand of Siberus

George Mann’s Darkish Legends, a set of quick tales, embrace the legend of an historical Sith referred to as Darth Siberus. Regardless of the title, Darkish Legends is a canon Star Wars guide. The “Legends” time period right here refers to precise in-universe legends, tales which are handed down from one era to a different within the Star Wars universe. Due to this fact, the thought is that nobody is aware of whether or not there may be any reality to these legends and the characters they point out. A type of characters is Darth Siberus, who, in line with the legend, may drain the life-essence of others utilizing a particular kind of Power lightning. Curiously, Darth Siberus’ existence has now been confirmed.

When Darkish Legends was printed in 2020, Darth Siberus’ story was simply an in-universe legend. Nonetheless, The Excessive Republic #10 (2022) by Cavan Scott launched an historical Sith weapon referred to as the Hand of Siberus, all however confirmed that Darth Siberus did exist in some unspecified time in the future. The Hand of Siberus is a gauntlet that the Jedi have been holding hidden on Jedha. Coincidence or not, the Hand of Siberus may emit lightning bolts, which ties into the legend of Darth Siberus. The Hand of Siberus is portrayed as a particularly harmful weapon, including to the concept Darth Siberus existed and had a novel Power lightning energy.

Palpatine’s Power Lightning Was Far Much less Highly effective Than Darth Siberus’

Palpatine Force Lightning

Whereas the Emperor was the primary Star Wars character to ever use Power lightning in a film, Darth Sidious’ lightning energy doesn’t come near what Darth Siberus may do. The complete extent of Darth Siberus’ energy, in addition to how a lot of her legend is true, stays a thriller. Nonetheless, based mostly on what the Hand of Siberus can do, Darth Siberus doubtless had the strongest and most refined model of Sith. lightning. Power lighting is usually portrayed as a medium-range assault utilized by Sith, however Darth Siberus’ story reveals that there are different methods to make use of this potential.

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The Excessive Republic comedian guide collection has portrayed the Hand of Siberus’ energy as purple lighting. This means that Darth Siberus’ model of Power lighting additionally emitted purple vitality, which by itself is a big distinction from different Sith. The flexibility to empty somebody’s life essence via Power lightning, which is one thing that not even Palpatine may do, ranks excessive within the checklist of strongest Star Wars talents and makes for an interesting lore addition.



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